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A nurse is contributing to the plan of care for a 2month old infant who has just undergone cleft palate repair. The nurse should contribute which of the following interventions to the clients plan of care?

(25 pt') - question #75

A nurse in a pediatric clinic is collecting data from a preschool age child who has suspected impetigo contagiosa. Which of the following manifestations should the nurse expect to find with this skin infection?

(25 pt') - question #93

A nurse is caring for a 6-month-old infant who is postoperative following a myringotomy. Which of the following pain assessment scales should the nurse use to determine the infants pain level?

(25 pt') - question #79

A parent asks a nurse about toys to provide for a 10-month old infant. Which of the following toys should suggest?

(25 pt') - question #130